Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr Remember Famed Beatles Photographer Astrid Kirchherr on Social Media

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On May 15, news came through that Astrid Kirchherr, famed German photographer known for her legacy of work documenting the Beatles, had passed away at the age of 81 earlier in the week.

Kirchherr is esteemed for the early-era photos she took of the Beatles. More on her work with the group, via the Guardian:

Kirchherr took the first photo of the Beatles as a group, at the city’s fairground in 1960, when the bassist, Stuart Sutcliffe, and the drummer, Pete Best, were still members. She dated Sutcliffe, and cut his hair into the “moptop” style that came to be a key look for the early Beatles, a style inspired by Kirchherr’s previous boyfriend. She and Sutcliffe soon got engaged, but he died in 1962 of a brain haemorrhage aged 21, alongside her in an ambulance.

She and the Beatles remained friends – she went on holiday with them in Paris in 1963 just after their first UK No 1 single – and took further acclaimed photographs of the band behind the scenes of the film A Hard Day’s Night. She also photographed George Harrison for his 1968 solo album, Wonderwall Music.

In the days after her passing, Ringo Starr sent along his condolences in a memorial tweet:

And now, after having a few days to gather his thoughts and jot them down, Paul McCartney also remembered Astrid Kirchherr with a series of posts on Twitter on Thursday:

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