Out Now: Ashe Releases Her Anticipated Debut Full-Length Album, ‘Ashlyn’ (Listen)

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Today, May 7, buzzworthy singer/songwriter Ashe releases her debut full-length record, Ashlyn.

The overwhelming success of Ashe’s “Moral of the Story” (which, per a news release, has totaled 758 million streams to date, generated Ashe a million Instagram followers, over 9.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, one million TikTok followers and beyond) in 2019 essentially launched her into the public consciousness and earned her fans around the world — and, as a result, has built up her first full-length album into a full-fledged “event.”

The record is available now on digital platforms and will be released in physical format in the months to come.

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Recent weeks have seen the sharing of a few tracks from Ashlyn as a preview of the full record, with “Me Without You” the most recent. A cheery song of confidence that calls to mind Ashe’s influences like the Beatles and Beach Boys, the song’s video features a barefoot Ashe leading a choreographed dance in a field, before transporting to a bar sequence that involves broken glass, more dancing and a lot of style:

Said Ashe about finally being able to release her new record:

 “Ashlyn is deeply reflective and honest, full of stories of my experiences with fear and pain and turning those hard things into joy and independence. I’m an experiential writer and there was no way I was going to make an album that didn’t address my personal journey, from my brother’s death this last year to my own experiences with emotional abuse.”

“Till Forever Falls Apart,” a collaboration with FINNEAS (her co-producer on previous EPs and Billie Eilish’s brother/creative partner), was another pre-release track:

Two versions of “Moral of the Story” are included on the record — the original and a new reimagination with Niall Horan:

In connection with the album rollout, Ashe announced the Fault Line tour, a string of live performances currently scheduled for Spring 2022 — though venues have yet to be announced.

Sep 13, 2021 – London, England
Apr 4 – Vancouver, BC
Apr 5 – Seattle, WA
Apr 6 – Portland, OR
Apr 8 – San Francisco, CA
Apr 9 – San Francisco, CA
Apr 11 – Los Angeles, CA
Apr 14 – Phoenix, AZ
Apr 16 – Austin, TX
Apr 17 – Houston, TX
Apr 18 – Dallas, TX
Apr 20 – Nashville, TN
Apr 21 – Atlanta, GA
Apr 23 – Washington, DC
Apr 25 – New York, NY
Apr 27 – Philadelphia, PA
Apr 29 – Boston, MA
Apr 30 – Montréal, QC
May 1 – Toronto, ON
May 3 – Detroit, MI
May 4 – Cleveland, OH
May 6 – Chicago, IL
May 8 – Minneapolis, MN
May 11 – Denver, CO

By the time those shows roll around, Ashe seems poised to be an even bigger star than she already is today. Ashlyn is a powerful debut album that will no doubt push her popularity even higher. Take a listen:

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