New from Ashe: Watch a Whimsical Music Video for “Me Without You,” Debut LP ‘Ashlyn’ Out 5/7

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This Friday, May 7, singer/songwriter Ashe will release her awaited full-length debut album, Ashlyn. She has been previewing the record in recent weeks with a few tracks, the latest being “Me Without You.”

Shared on Wednesday, “Me Without You” is a showcase of her vocal range paired with some strings, the whole vibe echoing some of her inspirations including the Beatles and Beach Boys — and the quirky music video treatment directed by Jason Lester accentuates both to amusing results. Visually, the stirring clip features a barefoot Ashe leading a choreographed dance in a field, before transporting to a bar sequence that involves broken glass, more dancing and a lot of style:

“Me Without You” was co-written by Ashe, Leroy “Big Taste” Clampitt (Justin Bieber, Lennon Stella) and Casey Smith, a collaborator with Ashe on her breakout hit “Moral of the Story” from 2019.

“’Me Without You’ is my follow up to ‘Moral Of The Story.’ It’s saying you thought that I needed you to be who I am. There is my past relationship…I had multiple people… You know, assumed that I needed them in my life to feel confident or to be me and “Me Without You” is just this record that’s like, ‘Ooh, I am so good on my own.’”

“When I’m Older” was another pre-release single:

The overwhelming success of “Moral of the Story” (which, per a news release, has totaled 758 million streams to date, generated Ashe a million Instagram followers, over 9.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, one million TikTok followers and beyond),  essentially launched Ashe into the public consciousness and earned her fans around the world — and, as a result, has built up her first full-length album into a full-fledged “event.”

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“I’m Fine” is another one:

As is “Till Forever Falls Apart,” a collaboration with FINNEAS (her co-producer on previous EPs and Billie Eilish’s brother/creative partner):

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