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Artist: Acoustic Asylum

RockCellar Magazine | Independent Artist Program
Acoustic Asylum is what happens when you take some of LA’s best recording and touring musicians and turn them loose in an organic setting. No electronic tricks, no stylistic limits…just having fun and making incredible music.

Acoustic Asylum is led by award winning composer and producer Dan Radlauer on Accordion (insert accordion joke here). On guitar is the acclaimed guitarist and band leader, Carl Verheyen. Mark Hollingsworth is one of LA's top woodwinds players and gives the band part of its unique sound playing Clarinet and Baritone sax.
Banging the Bass is one of the finest recording and touring musicians on the West Coast; Dave Marotta. On Drums is the highly versatile Gordon Peeke who has played with talents ranging from Woody Herman to Michael Jackson.
...And on Violin, the multifaceted Luis Alberto brings his international sensibilities.


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