New from Heart’s Ann Wilson: Watch a Music Video for ‘Tender Heart,’ ft. Olympic Ice Skater Gracie Gold

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On Jan. 22, Heart‘s Ann Wilson debuted a powerful new song titled “Tender Heart.”

The song is one of intense personal emotions for Wilson, as she said in a statement:

“‘Tender Heart’ came out of a personal struggle, but quickly evolved into a greater, more universal meaning. We as the human race are coming to realize realities we never dreamed we’d have to face – environmentally, culturally, financially, and health-wise. Humanity is coming to terms with uncomfortable, heartbreaking, terrifying truths. This song is for the soul whose heart is blindsided by reality, but is still soft and innocent. I hope people will identify with this song and feel they are not alone.”

Today, Feb. 9, Wilson premiered a new music video for the song. Visually, the clip features Olympic Ice Skater Gracie Gold (a 2014 Olympic team event bronze medalist, among other career milestones) and cinematography from Nina Petrenko. Watch it below:

Said Gracie Gold of the opportunity to be in a music video, and specifically an Ann Wilson music video:

When my mom heard I was given the opportunity to partner with Ann Wilson on her new single, she immediately started “fan-girling.” I’ve only seen her get this excited for two celebrities in my life.  

When your entire life’s dream is to compete in the Olympic games it seems almost unfathomable to be able to know what opportunities will come next. It is experiences like creating this music video with Ann that inspire me both as a performer and as an athlete. This is the first time that I have performed in a music video and I feel so honored that Ann invited me to go with her on this artistic journey. 

The musical part of skating is so immensely crucial to all of our performances, be it competitive or for a show. I only met Ann recently when she called me to participate in this project. I almost never get to talk through the choreographic process with the musical artist and this made it so much more special. Developing my program with her made it so much more thrilling to perform.

I’m so happy with the way the video turned out and I’m hoping our paths cross again soon!!! 

“Tender Heart” is the first bit of new music from Ann Wilson since last October, when she premiered a timely cover of Steve Earle’s “The Revolution Starts Now!”:

In addition to these new recordings, Wilson also participated in a special tribute honoring Alice in Chains in early December. The grunge/metal band received an award from the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, and Wilson (and her band) contributed an excellent cover of the classic ’90s hit “Rooster”:

This activity from Ann also comes during a busy stretch for her sister and band mate in Heart, Nancy Wilson, who unveiled a new Epiphone guitar this week ahead of a solo album due in the spring.

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