America (ft. Co-Founders Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell) to Resume 50th Anniversary Tour in August

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America co-founders Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell are looking forward to getting back on the road beginning in August, resuming their 50th anniversary festivities that were interrupted back in March 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic.

Announced on Thursday, the tour will resume on Aug. 13 in Maryland and will include a handful of shows concluding on Nov. 21 in Florida:

8/13/2021 Music Center at Strathmore North Bethesda, MD
8/14/2021 Northlands Swanzey, NH
8/21/2021 E Center at Edgewater Hotel Laughlin, NV
8/27/2021 Cape Cod Melody Tent Hyannis, MA
8/28/2021 South Shore Music Circus Cohasset, MA
9/11/2021 Kansas Star Arena Mulvane, KS
9/17/2021 Johnny Mercer Theatre Savannah, GA
9/25/2021 Lied Center of Kansas Lawrence, KS
10/2/2021 Silver Legacy Casino – Grande Expo Hall Reno, NV
10/20/2021 Washington Pavillion Sioux Falls, SD
10/22/2021 Grand Hall Mankato, MN
10/28/2021 Tupelo Music Hall Derry, NH
10/30/2021 Rialto Square Theatre Joliet, IL
11/6/2021 Good Life Festival at Schnepf Farms Queen Creek, AZ
11/14/2021 Tobin Center H-E-B Performance Hall San Antonio, TX
11/18/2021 Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, FL
11/20/2021 Sunrise Theatre Fort Pierce, FL
11/21/2021 Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Sarasota, FL

This bit of news comes after the classic rock band shared a newly recorded song, “Remembering,” which was included as part of their Half Century box set released in August 2020:

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More on the Half Century box set, via a news release:

It contains CDs of rare archival studio recordings consisting of alternate mixes, demos and rehearsals, including several previously unreleased tracks ranging from 1970 – 2000. Along with the re-mastered Bremen 1973 in-studio performance and two CD’s of radio interviews providing an audio overview of the band’s career, along with a DVD of Super 8 “Home Movies” (1972-1975) to give fans a behind the scenes look at the early years of the legendary and enduring band.

Beckley, meanwhile, recently released a new solo compilation of his recordings — click here to read a Rock Cellar Q&A with him about the project.

For more on America, be sure to watch our 2018 RockCellarTV video interview with Dewey Bunnell.

A Q&A with Beckley and Bunnell, regarding the resumption of their 50th anniversary tour and more, was included with a news release:

By the time AMERICA returns to touring this August, the band will have been off the road for a year and a half. Has this been the longest time the group has been away from the road?

Gerry: “I have never before in my professional life had this much time “off.” A year and a half. The word “off” is misleading because I’ve remained quite busy with writing and recording, something that usually takes a back seat to our hectic travel and performing schedule.”

Dewey: “Most definitely this time between shows is unprecedented! We are now in our 51st year as a performing band with barely ever more than a month break a few times a year for holidays and vacations”

Can you talk about your mindset during the pandemic and how it upended the touring/gypsy life you had become accustomed to?

Dewey: “I think for most people it helped not knowing actually how long the safety guidelines and work stoppage would be going into the shutdown. If we knew it was going to be 14 months, it may have been harder to endure. As each month passed, my mindset changed, slowly realizing it was going to be more of a marathon than simply a long-distance run. Thoughts and projections of when touring might resume seemed to change weekly and I missed the travel/performance life more each month.”

Gerry: “At my age (68), I’ve been very grateful to have the extended time to share with friends and family.”

During this time, have you done anything unexpected or new?

Gerry: “This break has given me time to explore my photography. I’m working toward another gallery exhibit here in Sydney, Australia.”

Dewey: “I spent more time with our horse for one thing, and I dabbled in a few artistic pursuits around the house, but it was actually ‘new and unexpected’ to have the opportunity to spend such a long period of time at home with my wife and pets every day for 14 months.”

Beyond the performances and band camaraderie, is there anything you missed about touring?

Dewey: There’s a certain rhythm and pattern to life that develops over decades on the road that I treat as a challenge. I’m a creature of habit, so airports and hotels and ground transport vehicles all have certain things in common that I respond to in a similar way each day that makes the experience more comfortable for me. I become more self-sustaining in many ways…doing laundry, carrying supplies and food items like a survivalist. The day is always focused on the evening show and it’s hard to beat the satisfaction I feel getting back to the room later in the evening after a successful show, leaving a happy audience headed home. Then it all starts again the following day.”

Gerry: “I’d say that missing my band and team has been the hardest part. We are all looking forward to feeling that energy from our fans and friends again.”

What do you think you will be thinking about when you take the stage for the first time in 2021?

Gerry: “I’m sure I’ll be thinking what a long strange trip it’s been.”

Dewey: “I’m prepared to be nervous because I have never really stopped having a bit of stage fright after all these years.”

With “Remembering” released in 2020 as a lyric video, might there be more new music on the horizon?

Dewey: “I imagine there will always be some project on the back burner.”

Gerry: “There is always something on the horizon in our evolving schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some new music in our future.”

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