Stuck Indoors Due to Coronavirus, These America Fans Turned ‘A Horse With No Name’ Into a Funny Video

Rock Cellar Magazine

We’re seeing all kinds of creativity lately, with nearly all of us stuck at home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent social distancing, shelter-in-place or safe-at-home ordinances enacted by state governments. Over the weekend, the Instagram page for the band America shared this video first circulated by some fans, who felt a creative spark while listening to “A Horse With No Name.”

It’s really best you just watch this without any more introduction:

That’s pretty inspired stuff!

While on the topic of America, why not spend a few minutes of your day watching our RockCellarTV interview with America’s Dewey Bunnell? He tells the tale of the band’s formation, recording key songs and more:

As for further exercises in entertainment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this past weekend also saw Neil Diamond introduce a tweaked version of “Sweet Caroline,” with lyrics tailored to self-distancing and hand-washing guidelines:

Liam Gallagher of Oasis, meanwhile, parodied his own band’s classic Britpop anthems into hand-washing PSAs, too:

Were the above actually real songs, they’d be a good fit for Now That’s What I Call Coronavirus — were that a real compilation album:

This just barely scratches the surface of some of the stuff we’ve seen show up online over the past week or so — and there will no doubt be more coming as long as we’re all stuck inside staring at our phones!

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