Social Media Toasts Alice Cooper After a Photo of Him Serving Food at a Charity Event Surfaces

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Alice Cooper is a man of many talents — and beyond his status as an undeniable legend of “shock-rock,” who burst onto the music scene decades ago with an edgy musical persona cloaked in darkness that drew fans the world over (and left many parents aghast).

But it’s his commitment to giving back to the community that helped ‘Alice Cooper’ trend on social media on Monday morning. With festive feelings of the holiday season on everybody’s mind, this photo popped up from years ago, showing Cooper handing out food to kids in Arizona:

While the actual source of this particular image is unclear, it could conceivably have been taken at Alice Cooper’stown, his themed restaurant in the Phoenix area — Cooper’s website has an archival article about a holiday season event feeding underprivileged children, which was a common occurrence at the restaurant.

As the image made the rounds on social media, it also sparked this one, showing Jon Bon Jovi doing something similar:

The man born Vincent Furnier has forged a reputation over the years as a deeply charitable individual committed to giving back whenever possible. He’s engaged in fundraising efforts and even started his own non-profit organization, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers, with his wife Sheryl. Per the organization’s website:

Maintaining “a teen’s worst enemy is too much time on their hands,” Solid Rock provides the music, arts, vocational programs and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, video and sound production, self-expression, and creativity.

Good for Alice Cooper and his extended team for their charitable efforts. The world could always use more of that.

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