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$10 Available in: Digital

  1. Way Down Deep play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  2. Shoulda Done It When I Thought Of It play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  3. Surround Me
  4. Never Comin' Back
  5. Fly With Me play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  6. Boogie Woogie Baby Girl
  7. Gone
  8. River's Dry
  9. Someday (Love Will Fine Me)

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Artist Bio

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I've spent most of my life teaching music in special education ( but since 2014 I have released 3 albums the last 2 with a stellar collection of LA musicians known as The Sound who have played with everyone from Rod Stewart to Beyonce and many in between. Yes, COVID has slowed us down but we'll be right back at it as soon as the smoke clears.

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