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Pop, Baby (Deluxe Version)

$10 Available in: CD, Digital

  1. Summer's Coming play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  2. In and Out Of Love
  3. Regret Shuffle
  4. Your Gravity
  5. Invisible
  6. Quantum Love
  7. Long Cold Winter
  8. Lullaby
  9. Dream Out Loud play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  10. Sailing Ships
  11. Dying In Slow Motion play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  12. These Shy Things
  13. Hold On
  14. Summer's Coming (Stack-O-Vocals)
  15. In and Out Of Love (Stack-O-Vocals)
  16. Your Gravity (Stack-O-Vocals)
  17. Quantum Love (Stack-O-Vocals)
  18. Lullaby (Stack-O-Vocals)
  19. Dream Out Loud (Stack-O-Vocals)
  20. Sailing Ships (Stack-O-Vocals)
  21. Dying In Slow Motion (Stack-O-Vocals)
  22. Hold On (Stack-O-Vocals)
* All (Stack-O-Vocals) tracks are digital only ** The folder of WAVs also contains a lyric video for Summer's Coming and a PDF digital booklet

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Artist Bio

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Adam Daniel is a recording artist, producer, songwriter, and session guitarist who’s been heard in the Oscar-winning film The Descendants, hit TV shows Felicity and Ultimate Fighting Championship, the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, and more. A mainstay on the Power Pop scene, his debut album Blue Pop was named "...among the best guitar-pop albums of the '90's..." by All Music Guide. A professional creative in multiple mediums, Adam Daniel has also taught at Otis College of Art and Design, designed curriculum for a nonprofit called Rock the Classroom, performed regularly at piano bars in Hollywood, and most recently, launched his own branding and design shop.
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