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In Dreams

$12.99 Available in: CD

Track List
  1. Kabir's Song
  2. Interlude
  3. I Am Light play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  4. Interlude - Sangeeta's Light
  5. Heal This Land play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  6. Interludw - Sangeeta's Healing
  7. Pinta play sample audio | RockCellar Magazine
  8. Interlude - Sangeeta's Vision
  9. B'yado
  10. Interlude - Sangeeta's Prayer
  11. Flor Das Aguas
  12. Interlude - Sangeeta's Waters
  13. Heart Sutra
  14. Interlude - Sangeeta's Dream
  15. In Dreams

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Artist Bio

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Kimberly Haynes’ passionate approach to life is reflected clearly through the music she creates.  Her life’s work has included the study of sacred music from around the world, and those influences, along with her devotion to uplifting the human condition, have guided her musical craft.  Her award-winning debut album, “Awaken Me,” was quickly named Album of the Year on One World Music Radio. Her follow-up album, “In Dreams,” dubbed ‘an instant masterpiece’ in Common Grounds magazine.

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