Get as Close as Humanly Possible to AFI in Their New Music Video for 'Aurelia'

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AFI recently released a new record, a self-titled affair referred to as The Blood Album. The long-running Northern California-based alt/punk/rock band also just premiered a music video for the track “Aurelia,” one of the standout cuts on the album (along with “White Offerings,” which received its own video treatment before the album’s release on January 20).
Watch the video, which features some extreme close-ups of each band member for much of the song’s running time, below:

AFI is out on the road touring in support of the new album and their career, which has now spanned more than 20 years since their debut album Answer That And Stay Fashionable was released in 1995.
Visit their official website for full details regarding the current tour, which will run through June 15 at the Firefly Music Festival.

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