Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Songwriter) Hospitalized Due to Coronavirus

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Adam Schlesinger, renowned songwriter/musician known for his work with power pop/rock band Fountains of Wayne as well as being a principal member of the songwriting team behind the quirky music of the CW series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is currently hospitalized and on a ventilator as a result of the coronavirus, it was reported on Tuesday.

Variety sent on a message from Schlesinger’s longtime attorney, Josh Grier, adding that the musician is on a ventilator but is not in a coma, which was a detail making the rounds in earlier reports:

“He’s very sick and is heavily sedated, as are all people on ventilators, but no one has used the word ‘coma’ to me,” Grier said. Schlesinger has been in an upstate New York hospital for more than a week and is receiving excellent medical care, Grier noted, adding that doctors were reluctant to make predictions because so much about the disease remains unknown.

Along with star Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen, Adam Schlesinger was key in developing the music that helped make Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gain notoriety and acclaim on the CW — and earn awards, winning five Emmys for his work on the program (to go along with his 10 nominations in total over the years).

Best wishes to Adam Schlesinger toward his recovery from COVID-19.

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