Watch Ace Frehley Go on an Epic Space Adventure in His Animated Video for ‘Mission to Mars’

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Back in October, Ace Frehley released his latest solo album, Spaceman — and the longtime KISS guitarist known as the “Space Ace” has now premiered a wild new animated music video for one of its tracks.

“Mission to Mars” keeps up the space theme of the album, and its video depicts an animated version of Ace going on an undeniably heroic and action-packed adventure involving his guitar. Watch it below:

Another video cut from the album was for its lead track, “Rockin’ With the Boys”:

Back in December, Frehley spoke with Rock Cellar at length about his new solo album, his hobbies and more — including his thoughts on the KISS End of the Road farewell tour and its (lack of) involvement with him:

When I read the comments the fans make on the internet, every once in a while I’ll spend a half hour or an hour reading comments, invariably 80-90% of the KISS fans want a full blown reunion. I don’t know if that’s possible; it could be a variation of it.

There’s no way KISS is gonna go out with a bang with the lineup they have now. It’s half of a cover band. I love Eric (Singer) and I love Tommy (Thayer) but it’s half of a KISS cover band.

Paul and Gene are the two original guys and they’ve got two guys playing my part and Peter’s part. I think it works better overseas, maybe, but it’s getting tired in America. Ever since 2014 when we were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, pretty much all of America realized that I was not in the band and Peter’s not in the band and I think a lot of people in America weren’t even sure that I had left. When they made the switch between me and Tommy they really didn’t publicize it and I don’t think they wanted to.

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