Tear Down the Highway to Hell in AC/DC’s New Music Video for ‘Demon Fire’

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It’s impossible to watch the new AC/DC music video for “Demon Fire,” depicting a showdown between a rogue sportscar and the authorities as they race around a remote freeway and not think of the hard rock legends‘ classic track “Highway to Hell.”

The devil literally shows up, everything is on fire and the hues are black and red, just like the color motif behind AC/DC’s 2020 comeback and their explosive new album, Power Up.

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The video was shared on Wednesday, take a look:

This display of raw rock and roll power (and a slick, stylish music video) is the latest promo clip from Power Up, released in November and the first AC/DC record since 2014’s Rock or Bust. It joins “Shot in the Dark”:

Power Up brought back together Johnson, Young, guitarist Stevie Young (nephew of Malcolm), bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd with producer Brendan O’Brien, who previously worked with AC/DC for 2008’s Black Ice and 2014’s Rock or Bust.

Of course, Power Up doesn’t feature Malcolm Young, who passed away in 2017. But the album was very much made with his memory and influence in mind, so much so that Malcolm receives a co-write credit on each song on the album:

“This record is pretty much a dedication to Malcolm, my brother,” Angus told Rolling Stone. “It’s a tribute for him like Back in Black was a tribute to Bon Scott.”

And it’s as fitting a tribute as could be expected, given its relentless energy and the familiarity that is provided by that signature AC/DC sound.

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