Rock Cellar – THE Online Resource and Community for Music Enthusiasts and Musicians Alike

Lisa and Michael were born in the 60s and live in Los Angeles. They’ve always loved music. They used to buy records regularly, and then CD’s, go to concerts and even watch their favorite artists on TV. They were always interested in new bands, new artists, new music.

But all that has changed. The places where Lisa and Michael used to find out about new music have essentially gone away. Record stores have closed, radio stations play the same old things and live shows – well, you know that story. When asked where they find out about new music, the two of them look at each other and realized that they don’t have a clue. And the new music that is out there by Santana, the Pretenders, Elton John and many others, for the most part, is going completely unheard. And learning about new artists, new music? Forget it.

Yes, Lisa and Michael could reach out to numerous websites and news outlets to find this information, but they’re pretty busy, and frankly most people like Lisa and Mike don’t do that. What if there were one place, one site that they could go to for the most comprehensive information on various music topics? AND what if they were able to receive a daily email blast with snippets of the latest news and information about music, the world and the music industry at large?

Introducing the launch of the new Rock Cellar portal for all things music. Rock Cellar is poised to become THE online community providing the resources and information for music enthusiasts and musicians alike. It is a musical destination for the music fanatic, connoisseur, fan, player, follower, or anyone who is passionate about music. Rock Cellar is deep with content and includes the latest-breaking music, celebrity and national news, interviews, videos, a new music marketplace, a record store and much more. AND, Rock Cellar will be the first news outlet to take this information to subscribers on a daily basis. Not wait for them to look for it. It’s all timely information that Lisa and Michael would not discover on their own.

About Rock Cellar Now and in the Future

Rock Cellar is a music, journalism and cultural entertainment website launched in 2011. Its goal from the start has been to keep music enthusiasts “up to speed” with breaking music news and the latest music releases from classic rock artists, and to bring awareness to new and upcoming bands and artists who are making cool music.

Rock Cellar’s most popular feature is its daily S.P.E.E.D. email – which is delivered to subscribers’ inboxes each morning. S.P.E.E.D. stands for “Short Posts that Educate and Entertain Daily,” and the newsletter quickly delivers key summaries of topical subjects – so that readers don’t have that awful FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) feeling. S.P.E.E.D. will be providing on a daily basis an answer to the question: “Where can I find out about new music?” New music from existing, well-known legacy artists as well as new, younger indie and commercial artists. S.P.E.E.D. informs subscribers of breaking news in music and keeps them “in the know” when artists release new vinyl, CDs and digital downloads. In addition, S.P.E.E.D. covers other news and fun cultural entertainment topics and delivers it quickly and easily to Rock Cellar subscribers.

The Rock Cellar website uses a traditional e-zine format and archive features and interviews in a monthly magazine-type format. Each month, Rock Cellar offers up interviews with the biggest musical artists of all time – specializing in “classic rock” celebrities from 1960s, 70s, 80s & 90s – most of whom continue to release new music. Additional features include “Top 11” lists, “Behind the Curtain” exposés, “Turn Me On” to new music articles, and “RockCellarTV” – a collection of videos featuring in-depth celebrity interviews and performances recorded in the Rock Cellar Studios.

The Rock Cellar Magazine section of the site also offers an e-commerce shopping area – the Rock Cellar Store: Shoppers can click right from the Rock Cellar Magazine website to browse literally millions of musical offerings in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Popular purchases include a vast array of compilations and box sets offered by bands and artists of every musical genre. The store not only houses the “Best Music Ever” but also includes brand new music from the latest artists available for purchase – both as in-hand hard goods and digitally downloadable.

Rock Cellar has recently launched an Independent Artists Program – which is highlighting emerging talent and serving as a virtual storehouse for artists’ music, merchandise, and charitable causes. Musicians and bands will have a fantastic new opportunity to spread their name and music to a wide range of listeners. Rock Cellar is encouraging any independent musical artists and bands to contact them to be included in the new Independent Artists Program.

Recently, Los Angeles-based Rock Cellar Productions has expanded its brand to include many other aspects of media including a recording studio, and a music school for students in the local southern California area.  

Giving Back: From its beginnings, Rock Cellar has had a goal of “bringing people together through music.” Toward that end, Rock Cellar is partnered with the L.A.-based non-profit “Get Together Foundation” (GTF). For 15 years, GTF has raised money through all-star concerts and fundraising events – with 100% of the proceeds going to a host of important causes and charities. GTF’s current campaign is helping to deal with the homelessness crisis in Southern California. Recently Rock Cellar & GTF co-sponsored a celebrity-studded live-stream concert/telethon that was viewed by over 50,000 people in 70 countries. The “All Together Now” telethon raised $125,000 for essential workers battling COVID-19.

Rock Cellar is expanding its scope in the coming months, adding more content on a regular basis and engaging with music fans on an even larger basis. Stay tuned for much more from Rock Cellar!