2020, Summed Up with a Simple and Perfect Ramones ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ Meme

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Look, the past year has been a tremendous struggle for everybody. Whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions/lockdowns upending our concept of “normal” to all of those who lost their lives due to the virus on a global scale and beyond, 2020 has been the worst … but it’s almost over. To sum that up succinctly, here’s a photo of the Ramones shared to social media by Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello, paired with some lyrics:


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For anybody who doesn’t “get” the photo — maybe you’re too young? — the “2020, 24 hours to go” is a play on lyrics from the Ramones’ classic “I Wanna Be Sedated,” in which Joey Ramone sings

20, 20, 20, 4, hours to go
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, oh
I wanna be sedated

Those few lines seem just a bit on-point for 2020, don’t they? “Nothing to do, nowhere to go,” and so on matching the sense of extreme boredom and frustration caused by restrictions put in place by health officials for much of the year.

There’s a good chance you’re reading these words from the couch or your home office — which for millions has become their “real office,” the lines differentiating the two becoming blurred over the course of the past nine-plus months. It’s been a wild ride, and one none of us would like to revisit anytime soon.

But — 2020 is finally, mercifully, almost gone. It’s nearly 2021. It’s time for something new.

Until then …


  • Kenneth Leon Lonsinger says:

    I never did understand The Ramones popularity back then or now. Anyway, and I mean anyway, they are mindless drivel. I guess that’s the appeal. I don’t know who’s worse, The Ramones or Kiss.

  • J Edmonds says:

    Kiss,ok.But The Ramones were one the most influential bands of the last fifty years.While they did not take themselves seriously,they were serious about what they did.And they were fun.

  • Ralph Johnston says:

    Drivel…no fucking way!!! I’m 68 years old and have loved the Ramones since I first heard them back in the late ’80s…I saw them twice in Vancouver, BC… Ramones are my fave all-time band!!! Cheers!!! RC!!!

  • Mb says:

    You are entitled to your opinion about the ramones music,but you missed the irony of the lyrics to “I want to be sedated”.You don’t even have to think the lyrics are great.They are relevant though to 2020.That was the whole point to the article

  • FAB says:

    Kiss my *ss. Please don’t mention Kiss in the same sentence with the Ramones. In retrospect they are far more appreciated after they’re dead for what they did. Many new wave and punk bands would best be described by the title of Graham Parker’s & The Rumours Last Album “ Three Cords Good”. The Ramones were at the forefront of the rebirth of that. They wore jeans and leather jackets. Some of their songs even have 1959’s elements to them. Kiss was 70’s hard rock commercial gimmick band in makeup.

  • Traj@n@s says:

    Pues nada te explico lo dela popularidad de RAMONES:
    Aparte de ser la fuerza primigenia del punk (garaje) fueron influencia para grupos posteriores con nombre a día de hoy (muchos) pero sobre todo escucha lo que (para mí) es el directo por excelencia IT’S ALIVE. Un saludo

  • Gordon Wagner says:

    Wow, PowerTrolling. I cannot help but feel impressed.

  • Quino says:

    Ok boomer. Ha. You just dont get Rock and Roll and you have no soul. To each their own. And your own is pathetic. Hey Ho Let’s Go. Dummy.

  • Never reply says:

    I thought of #Tommorelo a liberal democrat? They voted 4 lockdown. where is rage against the machines mind. Pixies pun. Then again in sure he’s been sedated and that went over his head. Nothing personal, real talk you do rock. Maybe in wrong he’s anarchists like punk rockers were

  • J Davies says:

    I love Ramones! KISS 2021—It’s Cold Gin time again! HNY!!

  • Naj says:

    Kenneth Leon Lonsinger não entende nada de música e principalmente de Rock & Roll tem que ir para a escola ficcional do filme do Jack Black

  • Pep says:

    Opinar es fácil, lo tuyo debe ser escuchar
    nuevas.tendencias, deberías ir al médico, y ser feliz, let’s goo!!!!

  • kt says:

    so true , they made that song up while in lockdown (stranded) in a London airport i belive. that’s what its all about

  • AVA says:

    I think you should LISTEN to some Rock’nRoll and THINK a thousand times after writing such a thing…

  • Richard Lang says:

    But Kenneth took the time to read the article, and comment? Hmmm!

  • Brian Olsen says:

    Kiss and ramones don’t belong in the same universe. Kiss were posers that had a gimmick. The Ramones set the stage for so much of the music I love today. Music would have continued to digress without the Ramones doing something totally different when they started. Top 25 alll time band according to RS. SPIN ranks them number 2. Right behind that other terrible band, The Beatles.

  • Realist says:

    Kill a commie for Mommy best Ramones song ever. Cant forget we want the airwaves as well

  • mG says:

    Had the great pleasure to have seen the R-A-M-O-N-E-S in concert, they always earned their money. God Bless Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.

  • Eman says:


  • Kramer Stinefeld says:

    @ Kenneth Leon You’re an idiot, shuddup

  • Heather says:


  • Nico says:

    @Kenneth Leon Lonsinger….
    And yet you bothered to stop and take the time to leave a comment. Interesting. You’re a tosser.

  • Héctor says:

    Los Ramones no lograron el éxito que ellos querían , claro en Argentina fenómeno de echo su despedida mundialista fue en buenos aires , estuvieron 2veces en Chile en el monumental en una ocasión siempre serán grandes

  • Zoey Bammer says:

    Fake, socialist millionaire Tom Morello has an opinion.

  • Jonathan Provost says:

    The Ramones saved my life! I was hit by a car laid up in my room. I turn on the radio 📻 and hear Joey, “you’re a loudmouth baby you better SHUT IT UP!”” live and Dee Dee, “1234” and kick into the song! It got me moving dancing with a cast up to my hip on my right leg. Pain left pure joy. Oh the Ramones 2020 4 yeah that sums up the past 10 months perfectly. No where to go.

  • Jayalanby says:

    Maybe “beat on the brat with a baseball bat” would be equally apropos in regards to the rioters ruining many of our cities. I may have to put on my Ramones t shirt.

  • Cindy rocks says:

    Kiss was one of the most important and influential bands they have basically influenced almost everyone!! They also have more gold albums than any American band in every category..

  • Robert Halford Ramone says:

    @Kenneth leSHITBAG ! Catchy pop inspired lyrics sung over a lightening fast wall of amazing sound sped up to make a perfect 90 seconds. Before the Sex Pistols the Metal Gods gave us the Ramones and from them came all things ” Punk Rock “. If you don’t “get them” it is because you are not supposed to for not getting them is common and reserved for the dead the retarded and the gay.

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